Zeochem Website

Zeochem website screens in a grid layout, showing the "Product" page, "History" page, "Contact" form field, "Search" page, and Homepage.

This Swiss-based company with locations throughout the world strives to provide responsive service and high-quality products and wanted a new website to reflect those values.

Web design

We needed to build a website that was minimal and responsive, able to showcase their expertise through informative but scannable content.

First, we cleaned up their sitemap and content hierarchy. Then, we organized their products and applications into categorizes that we could reference in our page structures. When designing the UI, I modernized elements of their brand and highlighted orange as an own-able color to set them apart in the market.

Zeochem desktop homepage with a white background, headline that says "We are Zeochem", molecule visuals, and an orange call-to-action button for contact.
Zeochem product grid in three columns.
Zeochem "History" section on the homepage, leading to a timeline of Zeochem through the years.
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We organized a large amount of content into a multi-level but streamlined sitemap, while showcasing their global presence and expertise whenever possible.

Zeochem mobile homepage with the headline "We are Zeochem", an image of an employee, molecule visuals in the background, and an orange call-to-action button for contact.
Marker in the Zeochem timeline on the history page.
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Mobile takeover navigation, showing all the site section and subsections.
Zeochem locations page, showcasing a map of all worldwide locations.
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We delivered a minimal, responsive, organized, and effective website for a niche industry sector. We met the goals of the project by including a prominent "Contact Us" call-to-action, enhanced product filtering, and well-organized descriptions of applications and products with additional downloadable resources.

Creative Direction

Kevin Price

Art Direction / UI Design

William Schultz

UX Research

Annie Sparrow


Carolina Barboza-Orman

Jerrod Long

Kenton Glass

Zach Hornsby


Nada Zakaria

Content Management

Nicholas Kampouris

Gary Elder

Project Management

Shelley Hoblit

Bekah Beran

Account Management

Mendy Mulberry