Doe-Anderson Rebrand

White Doe-Anderson word mark over a purple background.

Louisville-based advertising agency, Doe-Anderson was ready for a shift in their look, in their processes, and in how they expressed their values.

Creative direction, Branding, Web design

When approaching this rebrand exploration, we aimed to make references to the heritage that comes with being a 100+ year-old agency while bringing the brand identity into 2023. We needed to adapt with the way our agency has changed throughout that time while being authentic to ourselves, yet aware of current design trends.

I designed a custom wordmark that drew inspiration from two timeless typefaces, Baskerville and Clarendon. While the acorn is no longer part of the primary mark, it has been given its own space as a heritage mark. This decision allows us to evolve while staying rooted in our history. We believe that small ideas, like acorns, can grow into powerful movements, which is an essential part of our agency's story. Acknowledging our roots and using them to grow is crucial to our continued success. To support this rebrand, we also updated typography, colors, website, social media, and photography standards.

Safe-space guidelines for Doe-Anderson word mark and heritage acorn mark.
Four wild postings showcasing the new brand tone.
Diagonal grid of multiple desktop pages. Included are the homepage, takeover menu, about page, case studies, contact modal, and all work listing page.
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A large consideration of this rebrand was how everything translated into the new website.

For the web design, we had three main goals: showcase the work, make getting in contact easy & organized, and create a flexible component-based system for case studies while still conveying the brand's tone-of-voice.

Homepage reel preview scrolling into a headline that says "We're here to make amazing work that builds belief in your brand".
Mobile takeover menu with a purple background and four sections: work, careers, blog, and about.
Whisky Drop case study on showing a looping video of Maker's Mark bottles and tasting room in the hero section.
Capabilities modal page for Brand Strategy, with an image of blue and red battleship board games.
Scroll interaction for the about page where page color shifts from white to purple for the leadership bios.
Agency facts on about page, the first two facts are Doe-Anderson being founded in 1915, and currently has over 130 employees.
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Scroll interaction for featured work on the homepage.
Most recent case studies on the about page in a featured work side-scroll carousel.
Hero section for the about page, with a headline that says "We're an independent full-service agency" and an image of toy squirrels in a toy living room watching tv.
Leadership bio modal example, showing Leyla Touma Dailey – one of the current presidents and CCO.
Contact modal with an image of a hand holding a wired rotary phone and three tabs underneath: General, New business, and Career.
Footer showcasing the two office locations, call-to-actions for contact and careers, and a looping animation of text saying "Want to work with us?"
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We also updated our social media presence, animated brand assets, and built agency-wide presentation templates to tie all channels together.

Examples of social posts.
Looping animation of the different wordmark variations, called the “logo stack”.
Example of a cover slide for the new presentation templates.
Example of employee headshots in a grid for a “Meet the Team” slide in the new presentation templates.
Example of an agenda slide for the new presentation templates.
Example of a section divider slide for the new presentation templates.
Example of a set up slide for the new presentation templates.
Spread from the new Doe-Anderson employee handbook, showing the table of contents and the cover that says “The Doe’s and Don’ts”.

Our team worked to build a brand that truly reflects our expertise and passion for advertising. As a result, we are confident that this rebranding effort has successfully reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional service and results to Doe-Anderson's clients. With a fresh new look and a renewed sense of values, the agency is now ideally positioned to continue providing effective advertising solutions for many years to come.

Creative Direction

William Schultz

Leyla Touma Dailey

Zach Stewart

Emi Johnson

Video Production

Chase Stewart

Jay Boone


Miles Harvey


Cameron Tutt

Sirima Rattanamanokorn

Project Management

Amy Vogel

Matt Karaffa

Content Production

Amber Shircliff

Christian Watson

Beth Thiel

Andrea Luckett


Jerrod Long

Kenton Glass

Zach Hornsby