Maker's Mark UI Systems

Maker's Mark collaborated with Turner Duckworth and Doe-Anderson to refresh their brand identity. As a result, they needed to update digital assets for their website and marketing communications.

Contributions: Art direction, Web design
All the UI elements used for Maker's Mark, showing button stylings, form fields, toggle buttons, progress bars, filtering UI, and loading images.

Our team needed to adapt the 2020 Maker's Mark rebrand for all digital ecosystems i.e. their website, brand activations and programs, and email marketing.

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Examples from three platforms in Maker's Mark digital ecosystem – the personalized label program,, and the Maker's Hour Hub.
Desktop view of the Whisky Drop subscription box and the UI that shows what users get each shipment.
A collage of Maker's Mark branded emails utilizing the new visual identity and UI system.
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