Carriage House Printery UI

A collage of all the carriage house printery UI components, on a deep blue background. The collage includes things like product cards, filter selections, modals, and button styles.

A small, family-owned business needed a site refresh to increase online sales and search ranking, amidst pandemic revenue impacts.

Web design, CX design

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Carriage House Printery, suffered setbacks as a small business. To assist them in regaining their footing, our team worked to improve their site experience and SEO to increase sales.

From a design standpoint, we updated their brand typefaces and colors to optimize for the web, while still keeping their brand personality. I designed a new component library for our team to use as building blocks for the site and worked with our strategy team to improve the product customization flow and checkout process.

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We took an app-like approach to support their mobile-first web experience.

The use of holding shapes, cells, and modals kept the checkout flow as organized as possible, while supporting full product customization.

Step by step walkthrough with icons for how the process of printing with Carriage House works.
Custom fabrics page with a custom design upload option.
Custom design upload option, with place to upload or drag in design and customization options.
Add to cart pop up modal to "Go to cart" or "Continue shopping".
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All designs scroll, showcasing sticky search and filtering while browsing.
Filter options, like fabric or design color, for all products.
Fabric options page utilizing a two column layout for the fabric cards.
Checkout flow with order summary, giving details for pricing and ability to go back and edit order.
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We optimized their product search by prioritizing filtering to help users find what they were looking for, then built in the color and fabric customizations into the checkout flow as a step by step process.

Desktop view of search filter and filtered results for designs.
Desktop view for all fabric options grid and a banner call-to-action to order a sample pack.
Desktop view of product customization process.
Looping interaction of selecting a color way in the product customizations.

The new experience received positive responses from the customer base. The website also saw an increase in engagement, with higher clickthrough rates and checkout completions.

Creative Direction

Clint Martin

William Schultz

Art Direction

Clint Martin

UI Design

William Schultz


Ashleigh Bills


Kenton Glass

Zach Hornsby

Strategy / SEO

Coleen Byrn

Hannah Jezreel

Project Management

Merlin Lee

Matt Karaffa

Account Management

Jack McIntyre