Kentucky Proud Website

Diagonal grid of a few of Kentucky Proud's web pages. The pages included are the homepage, find products page, buy local page, filtering, and site search.

Kentucky Proud, a local agricultural marketing program, was looking for a site redesign to help users find Kentucky Proud certified products across the state.

Creative direction, Web design

Separate from the pre-existing site design being outdated, there were main pages of the site that were no longer functional. The product finder tool wasn't able to handle all the data they were inputting into their system and there were issues with site responsiveness across devices. The caveat was we needed to improve these issues while also using their existing data from Kentucky Proud members.

Our main goals were to update the site to their new visual identity, provide improved product search experiences, and provide the Kentucky Proud marketing team a scalable and self-sufficient marketing tool (through the CMS) for future programs, campaigns and marketing initiatives. I designed a flexible component-based system for their campaign and program pages, so each would have consistency but wouldn't need to use the same layout every time. I also worked with the strategy and development teams to streamline the sitemap, integrate live on-page search results, and categorize the existing data for our filtering tools.

Homepage layout of Kentucky Proud. Shows navigation, hero video, an about section, a featured carousel, call-to-actions for programs and seasonal activations, prompts to sign up, and faqs.
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We ensured full responsiveness for users on the go, even though analytics showed that the majority of Kentucky Proud's audience was visiting on desktops. Primary functions of the site were prioritized on mobile, such as the find products filtering and site-wide search.

"Find Kentucky Proud" section on homepage. Image shows cows in a barn laying on hay.
"Who We Are" callout on the homepage, leading to the about page. Headline says "Deeply rooted in Kentucky soil, raised right on Kentucky farms."
Mobile takeover menu, with about, programs, and membership dropdown sections. The programs dropdown is looping from open to closed.
Kentucky Proud Farmer's Markets program page hero with a big image of a girl holding carrots in front of her face.
Site-wide search results example for "farms".
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Looping animation of filter categories being turned on and off.
Finding Kentucky Proud Products hero section with a large image of chickens in a field.
"Who We Are" page video with a headline that says "At heart, we're a local agricultural marketing program."
Frequently asked questions page with a looping animation of the category filters swiping back and forth.
Membership Benefits page with an image of a farmer carrying produce.
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Desktop is a very similar experience, but utilizes the space available for multi-column content and more large-scale imagery.

Active filters and search results for "Buy local", "Dairy products", and "eggs", on desktop.
Dropdown navigation for Programs on desktop.
Site-wide search results for "farm" on desktop.
Pre-filtered "find products" results on the Buy Local program page.
Kentucky Proud Membership page desktop hero, showing a father and daughter in a sunflower field.

We achieved a robust but flexible component-based system that was able to showcase all of Kentucky Proud's programs, campaigns, and products. We came in on-budget and on-scope within the timeline of around eight months, launching in December 2022.

We have a phase two coming soon, to streamline their database and decrease the overwhelming amount of filter options.

Creative Direction / UI Design

William Schultz

Content Production

Chase Stewart

Abigail Franco

Andrea Luckett


Zach Hornsby

Kenton Glass

Jeremy Dunn

Jerrod Long


Scott Boswell

Miles Harvey

Project Management

Matt Karaffa

Meghan Clark

Merlin Lee

Account Management

Claire Tidmore