Drink KY Web App

Drink KY, a Commonwealth of Kentucky non-profit, was in need of an app redesign, to help their users intuitively browse all the brewery and winery locations in the state.

Contributions: App design, Web Design
Drink KY app screens in a grid layout showing the locations page map and filtering capabilities, the loading screen, the rewards dashboard, and the profile page.

Our ultimate goal was to create a seamless and personalized experience that not only encourages app downloads, but also promotes visits to Kentucky's unique attractions.

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This client was extremely collaborative, and worked with us in Figma to workshop app flows and review design phases.

Drink KY now provides the ability to filter content that differentiates in each location. The app also pulls data from each location with user engagements to encourage browsing and planning visits.

Looping zoom in and out of the Drink Ky branded map.
Location activity showing users who have engaged with the location.
Location details, with a call-to-action for "Get directions", secondary links to call, save, or share the location, and additional information like operation hours.
Edit profile with ability to switch profile to private or public, and edit profile image or any of the information fields.
Explore people tab, showing potential accounts that users can follow.
Profile from the perspective of visiting another user's profile. Users can see other's activity on the app and follow to stay connected.
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Drink Ky search filters, like wine type, and a live preview of filtered results.
Looping animation of pulling up the list of locations to cover the Drink Ky map.
Rewards dashboard, showing how many check-ins for each location type a user has.
Profile from the perspective of the user, with the ability to edit profile, sign out, or view account details like followers, accounts being followed, and app activity history.
Notes tab with an image added to the note.
Explore tab with feed filters for "Check-Ins", "Following", and posts including images.
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